Jalal-Abad Sanatorium

Jalal-Abad Sanatorium_sanatorij-cena17.jpg
4, Kurortnyi klyuch street
Unnamed Road 570 17 GR

Sanatorium with balneotherapy uses electric therapy, physiotherapy, massage, climatotherapy, swimming pool, acupuncture, indications for treatment: diseases of the digestive system, musculoskeletal tissue.

996 (772) 003232
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Other Services Available
Sanatorium modeClimatotherapy (air and sun baths)Diet therapyHydrotherapyMud therapyElectro-light therapy (SMT, DDT, electrophoresis, light bath, UHF, KUF, UFD, UZT, darsonvalization, electric sleep, static shower, magnetic fields)Functional therapy
Standard bed 1200 KGS per person + breakfast, lunch and dinner Deluxe bed 1600KGS per person + breakfast, lunch and dinner
Languages Spoken
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