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Located in Kyrgyzstan’s Western Tian-Shan Mountains and Fergana Valley, Jalal-Abad region is a destination of superlatives - the biggest wild walnut forest in the world at Arslanbob, the largest water reservoir in Central Asia at Toktogul, the greatest collection of petroglyphs in the region at Saimaluu-Tash, and the oldest UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Kyrgyzstan at Sary-Chelek. Add to this lush valleys and dramatic mountain peaks, deep gorges and turquoise lakes, a rich biodiversity protected through a series of nature reserves and UNESCO sites, and a network of trails to help you explore it all.

Jalal-Abad region does have everything a nature-lover and adventure traveler wants. Get in touch with us! We will help you to discover and experience it all.

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Saimaluu-Tash Petroglyphs Heritage Tour (2 days), Jalal-Abad Region, Kyrgyzstan


Go deep into the history of Jalal-Abad region, from the ancient nomads who roamed these lands to the Silk Road era to the modern day. Take in the ancient petroglyph drawings, visit sacred mausoleums and enjoy
our cultural diversity.

Natural Attractions in Jalal-Abad Region


Located in the western Tian-Shan Mountains with the Fergana Valley to the south, Jalal-Abad region is famous for its green spaces and nature reserves -- alpine lakes, gorges, rivers and wild forests. Immerse yourself in an eco-adventure paradise.

Ultimate Arslanbob Trekking Adventure, End of Trek - Jalal-Abad Region, Kyrgyzstan


Jalal-Abad region is located in the western Tian-Shan Mountains, a UNESCO site, and offers endless options for trekking and other outdoor adventures. Whether you want to hit the trails on foot, horseback, mountain bike or skis, Jalal-Abad region has an outdoor adventure suited to everyone.

Jalal-Abad City, Kyrgyzstan


Jalal-Abad city is Kyrgyzstan's third largest city, but still maintains its laid back, relaxed and welcoming feel. Travelers can enjoy a few days here to explore the city's markets, parks, museums and sites before jumping off to other parts of the region.

Plov Cooking Class Market Visit in Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan


One of the best ways to explore Jalal-Abad region's mountains, trails, diverse cultures and cuisines, and historical sites is with one of our tours. Developed by locals and delivered by locals, our trekking, horse trek, and cultural and culinary tours allow you to connect with local people and immerse yourself in our stunning nature. A travel experience you won't forget.

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