Jalal-Abad Region Tours

The best way to explore Jalal-Abad regional nature and culture.

Rich in adventure, history and culture, the Jalal-Abad region in western Kyrgyzstan offers a diversity of travel experiences for adventure-seekers and culturally curious travelers. You can take in stunning nature and landscapes, immerse yourself in an outdoor adventure, or soak up a bit of local history. Our trekking, horse trek and other local tours are here to help you get the most out of your visit to the Jalal-Abad region.

Our local guides are your personal connection to the nature, stories, history, and diverse cultures that make Jalal-Abad region unique. No matter your interest, Jalal-Abad offers travelers a diversity of adventure and cultural experiences that will be a highlight of any trip to Kyrgyzstan.

If you would like a customized tour of Jalal-Abad region's natural attractions, historical sites or outdoor activities, please get in touch with Destination Jalal-Abad and we can help you organize your trip. 

Trekking Tours

Find out about our trekking tours around Jalal-Abad region so you can experience the best of our mountains, alpine lakes, forests and other natural resources. All of our trekking tours are fully supported so that we provide you with a local guide, food, transport and any other gear you might need so that you can simply focus on enjoying the trek and the stunning nature around you.

Horse Trek Tours

Take to the hills on horseback to all that Jalal-Abad region has to offer in terms of stunning mountain vistas, turquoise alpine lakes, deep gorges, dramatic red rock formations, dense forests, and lush valleys.All of our horse trek tours are fully supported, meaning that we provide you with a local guide, horse wrangler, food, camping gear, transport and anything else you might need. The goal: you enjoying horseback riding and all the diverse landscapes around you without the stress.

Cultural, Food and Local Tours

Immerse yourself in local culture and cuisine with one of our specially crafted local tours. Developed and delivered by local people, these tours allow you to experience the unique diversity of cultures and cuisines - Kyrgyz and Uzbek -- that you'll find in Jalal-Abad city, as well as throughout the region. You'll have an opportunity to meet local families, cook together, and get a glimpse of real local life.

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