About Destination Jalal-Abad

Our goal is to help travelers to discover Jalal-Abad region's natural beauty and cultural diversity.

We want to share all what Jalal-Abad Region has to offer in terms of trekking and horseback riding adventures, historical and religious sites, culture and cuisine, and other immersive travel experiences.

Destination Jalal-Abad was founded in January 2020 in Jalal-Abad city by local stakeholders. Its mission includes:

  • To develop tourism in the region that focuses on sustainable tourism activities which provide socio-economic, cultural preservation and environmental conservation benefits to local communities and people. 
  • To develop unique tour products that are developed and delivered by local people, and which highlight the region’s unique natural, cultural, cultural and historical heritage.
  • To work with women and youth to support empowerment, income generation, business development and other types of activities through professional training, educational workshops and startup funding.
  • To improve tourism services across the region through specific hospitality and guide trainings, as well as supporting local small businesses and entrepreneurs through small grants and workshops. 
  • To organize tourism events and festivals and provide information to travelers from all backgrounds and nationalities. 
  • To promote the entire Jalal-Abad region and create effective marketing campaigns about travel experiences, tours, festivals and other tourism activities. 
  • To deepen connections and increase cooperation between private businesses, state agencies, and NGOs involved in tourism. 

Destination Jalal-Abad Services

Destination Jalal-Abad serves the needs of travelers and tour groups by providing comprehensive tourism information and helping them enjoy all that the region has to offer. It provides the following services:

  • Providing tourism information and answering questions about the region.
  • Booking local tours and experiences.
  • Assistance in booking accommodation anywhere in the Jalal-Abad region.
  • Helping to arrange transportation across the region or to other parts of Kyrgyzstan.
  • Our staff speak English, Russian, Turkish and Kyrgyz.

Get in Touch with Destination Jalal-Abad:

The Destination Jalal-Abad office is located at: 11, Erkindik street, Jalal-Abad City, Kyrgyzstan  (location on Google Maps).

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00, Saturday 09:00-15:00

We also run a small Tourist Information Center in Sary-Chelek near the Nature Reserve's first entrance in Artik village during the summer months (May - October).

You can also reach us through 

Location of the Destination Jalal-Abad Office: