How to get to, from and around Kyrgyzstan's Jalal-Abad region.

Kyrgyzstan's Jalal-Abad region features a range of different transportation options and is conveniently located in western part between the country's two biggest cities -- the capital city of Bishkek in the north and Osh in the south. In fact, many of Jalal-Abad region's best natural attractions -- Toktogul Reservoir, Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve and Chychkan Gorge -- are located very close to the halfway point on the Bishkek-Osh M41 highway. This makes for an easy stop for a few days to explore the mountains, lakes, gorges and local villages along the way to break up the long journey. If you want to go deeper into the mountains and nature you can embark on a trek or horse trek for a few days.

Jalal-Abad city is the main transportation hub for the region and offers the largest selection of marshrutka (minibus) and shared taxi options from its main bus station (location) to get around the region. It is located just 1.5 hours from Osh, the location of the closest international airport and from which there are frequent transport options to Jalal-Abad city.

No matter where you plan to visit in the region, or where you're headed afterwards, use the transportation information below to learn how you can easily get around Jalal-Abad region to explore all that this area has to offer, including stunning natural attractions, historical sites, trekking and outdoor activities and Jalal-Abad city itself. 

If you need additional transportation information, or if you need private transport during your time in Jalal-Abad region, get in touch with Destination Jalal-Abad

Note: Transportation schedules change often. Always check for updates or changes to transportation schedules and options with your local guest house or Destination Jalal-Abad.

How to Get Around Jalal-Abad Region

Jalal-Abad region is rather large, covering almost 20% of Kyrgyzstan, but there is a good network of roads, marshrutkas, shared taxis and private transport to help you get around. Some of the roads, especially to the more remote areas, may be a bit bumpy and slow, but that's all part of the adventure. It can get quite hot in some areas during the summer months so bring ample water with you before a long travel day.

Although the capital of the region, Jalal-Abad city, is Kyrgyzstan's third largest city, it has a laid back feel and many of the main sites in the city are in walking distance in the downtown area. But, there is also a vast network of marshrutkas to get you around the city quickly.


Marshrutkas are minivans or small buses that follow a set route through a city or region and make stops to pick up or drop off passengers along the way. They are a common budget public transportation option throughout Kyrgyzstan. A marshrutka usually has a printed board in its front window indicating its route and stops, often written only in Cyrillic letters. It's best to ask your guest house or host to write out the name of where you want to go in Cyrillic so that you can easily find the marshrutka you need. Having a written name will make it easier for locals at the bus stations to help you get on the right marshrutka. In addition, the ticket person will often yell the final destination or route the marshrutka is taking so you can also listen closely to find the right one to get you where you want to go.

It is often easiest to find a seat if you catch a marshrutka at or near the starting point, usually a bus station or market. However, you can also flag down a passing marshrutka along its route with your hand out much like you would hail a taxi. If there's room -- either to sit or stand -- the driver should stop and allow you to board. Traveling by marshrutka is an easy and affordable public transportation option along main routes within Jalal-Abad region.

Using marshrutkas in Jalal-Abad city: The system of numbered marshrutkas in Jalal-Abad city offers affordable public transport with a fixed fee of 15 KGS/person from early morning until late evening through a system of numbered marshrutkas operating throughout the town.

Shared Taxis

Shared taxis are also common throughout Jalal-Abad region and are an efficient and affordable way for travelers to get to different towns, villages and sites, usually via a more direct and faster route than by marshrutka. Shared taxis often used unmarked cars and, like marshrutkas, certain drivers take a regular route each day or several times a day to a specific location (e.g., town, village, site). You can usually find shared taxis at bus stations.  There is typically no set schedule as they leave once the car is full (usually four passengers). At busy times, the wait is typically short to popular destinations as there are many people who want to travel then. The fee is only moderately more than a marshrutka. However, at other times it may take a long time to find enough passengers to fill the car and depart. If this happens, and you get tired of waiting around, you can usually negotiate with the driver and offer to pay for the missing passengers so that the driver leaves immediately.

Private Taxis / Private Transport

The quickest and most direct way to get around Jalal-Abad region is by private taxi or hiring a driver. This is often more affordable than you might assume and will allow you to set the schedule and route so that you can leave when you want and stop off at different places, if desired, along the way. Destination Jalal-Abad is able to assist you in arranging private transport. 

How to Get to Jalal-Abad Region

Jalal-Abad region in western Kyrgyzstan has several entry points via both land and air as it borders the regions of Osh, Talas, Naryn, and Chuy. Use the information below, and the table of transportation options, to plan how you will get to Jalal-Abad region and city. 

Getting to Jalal-Abad by Air

The closest international airport to Jalal-Abad is Osh International Airport (106 km or 1.5 hours away from Jalal-Abad city). It features frequent flights from Bishkek (Bishkek airport FRU schedule), as well as international flights from Russia, Turkey and soon Uzbekistan (Osh Airport OSS flight schedule here).

Although most people get to Jalal-Abad by land transport, Jalal-Abad city does have a small domestic airport with two flights a week to and from Bishkek on Airline Tez Jet. You can book tickets online or buy them in any travel agency that sells avia tickets.

Nearby Borders: Uzbekistan

Jalal-Abad region borders Uzbekistan. The Khanabad/Bek-Abad border crossing near Jalal-Abad city is open for international tourists. You can go by taxi from Jalal-Abad City. It will take you less than 30 minutes.

If you are traveling to or from Uzbekistan you can also use the Dostuk border crossing, which is 10 km from Osh. From the Dostuk border to Osh it is a short taxi or marshrutka ride. You can catch a marshrutka or shared taxi to Jalal-Abad city at the bus station in Osh. The drive is about 2 hours.

Ground Transport to Jalal-Abad Region

Given Jalal-Abad region's location in the western part of the country and between Kyrgyzstan's two biggest cities, there are quite a few different transport options and entry points to the region from other parts of Kyrgyzstan. The biggest transportation hub is Jalal-Abad city with its main bus station located on Lenin Street. When traveling by land to Jalal-Abad region you will be rewarded by some stunning mountain scenery, especially along the M41 highway between Bishkek and Osh which takes you past the Toktugol Reservoir and Chychkan Gorge, and over several mountain passes. Note:  no marshrutkas or big buses operate between Bishkek and Osh due to the narrow, mountain roads so your only option along this route is a shared taxi.

From (Location) To (Location) Type When Duration
Bishkek (Osh Bazaar station)Jalal-Abad cityShared taxiOngoing, 2-3 times per day10 hours
BishkekSary ChelekPrivate taxi, Namba 0707-700-144 mobile/whatsappUpon request10 hours
Osh, New Bus StationJalal-Abad cityMarshrutkaEvery two hours, from 9AM-6PM1.5 hours
OshJalal-Abad cityPrivate taxiUpon request1.5 hours
Osh, Kelechek BazaarJalal-Abad cityShared taxiOngoing, every 2-3 hours between 8AM-9PM1.5 hours
Osh, New Bus StationToktogulMarshrutkaDaily7:15 - 16:00
Osh, New Bus StationArslanbobMarshrutka13:304-5 hours
Osh, New Bus StationSary-ChelekMarshrutka7:40 AM6.5 hours

Transportation Around Jalal-Abad Region

Given the diverse natural landscapes in Jalal-Abad region and choice of things to do, many travelers visit several different places and sites during their visit. Fortunately, Jalal-Abad region has a good network of marshrutkas, shared taxis and private transport to get you around to where you want to go. Jalal-Abad city is the main transportation hub with the most connections and options leaving from its central bus station on Lenin Street. The region is quite big, so some of the routes can be quite long. But, you'll have beautiful views of mountains, forests and gorges along the way. 

Use the chart below to figure out which transport hub and style of transportation will get you to where you want to go in Jalal-Abad region. Although the transportation chart only specifies how to get to popular destinations from Jalal-Abad city, you would just need to reverse the route to return. You can also request a private taxi or driver to take you between destinations where there is no regular marshrutka or shared taxi route.

If you have specific transportation questions Contact Destination Jalal-Abad and we can connect you to drivers, tour operators and services who arrange these trips.  

From (Location) To (Location) Type When Duration
Jalal-Abad city, Central BazaarToktogul or Chychkan GorgeShared taxi (going to Bishkek)2 times per day8 hours
Jalal-Abad citySary Chelek / Arkit VillagePrivate taxi, Avanguard 055 815 5155Upon request5-6 hours
Jalal-Abad city, Central Bus StationArslanbobMarshrutka, Jalal-Abad to Bazar Korgon + Marshrutka, Bazar Korgon to ArslanbobEvery two hours from Jalal-Abad main bus station, 9AM-6PM45 minutes + 1 hour
Jalal-Abad cityArslanbobPrivate taxiUpon request1.5 hours
Jalal-Abad city, Central Bus StationPadyasha-AtaShared taxi, Jalal-Abad to Kerben village + Private taxi, Kerben village to Padyasha-AtaTwo times per day (shared taxi).5 hours + 40 minutes
Jalal-Abad city, Central Bus StationPadyasha-AtaPrivate taxi, Avangard Taxi 055 815 5155Upon request4.5 hours
Jalal-Abad city, Old Bus StationKazarmanShared TaxiTwice a week3.5 hours
Jalal-Abad cityKazarmanPrivate taxi, Avangard Taxi 055 815 5155Upon request3 hours
Jalal-Abad city, Central Bus StationShakh-FazilShared taxi, Jalal-Abad to Kerben + Private taxi, Kerben to Shakh-FazilTwice a day5 hours + 45 minutes
Jalal-Abad cityShakh-FazilPrivate taxi, Avangard Taxi 055 815 5155Upon request4.5 hours
Jalal-Abad cityKara-AlmaPrivate taxi, Avangard Taxi 055 815 5155Upon request1 hour
Jalal-Abad city, Central Bus StationBesh AralShared taxi, Jalal-Abad to Ala Buka Village + Marshrutka, Ala-Buka to Jany Bazar village (Note: you'll need to spend the night in Ala-Buka)Twice a day from Jalal-Abad city + 9:30 am every day from central bus station in Ala-Buka5 hours + 5 hours

How to Get From Jalal-Abad Region

If you are traveling from Jalal-Abad city or somewhere else in the region to other destinations in Kyrgyzstan you have several transportation options. Jalal-Abad city has the most options from its central bus station on Lenin Street. Use the transportation chart below to figure out the best way to get you to your next destination.

From (Location) To (Location) Type When Duration
Jalal-Abad city, Central BazaarBishkekShared taxiOngoing, 2-3 times per day10 hours
Jalal-Abad City, Central Bus StationOshMarshrutkaEvery two hours, 9AM - 6 PM1.5 hours
Jalal-Abad City, Central BazaarOshShared TaxiEvery 2-3 hours, 8 AM -9 PM1.5 hours
Sary Chelek/Arkyt VillageOshMarshrutka6 AM7.5 hours
ToktogulBishkekShared taxiWhen full4-5 hours
ToktogulOshMarshrutka7 AM4 hours
ArslanbobOshMarshrutka6:50 AM4-5 hours

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